WrestleMania 32 breaks all the records

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WrestleMania is indeed one of the most exciting parts of WWE Universe and the biggest WrestleMania of all times, WrestleMania 32, held on April 3.  Although few of the outcomes from the event were questionable by the audience, the biggest event gave lots of great moments. Debuts happened and new clashes were scripted in the event.

Roman Reigns defeated Triple H: Reigns lost this title to Triple H at Royal Rumble in January, Reigns was able to finally get one over The Game and snatch back the title of WWE Heavyweight Championship that he failed to win in the main event a year prior.

The Undertaker takes on Shane McMahon:  Shane McMohan took on The Undertaker to win RAW on the stage of Hell In A Cell. But The Undertaker turned the game and finished it with a Tombs tone Piledriver and defeated Shane McMohan.

Wrestle Mania 32

Image Credit: www.wrestlinginc.com

The Rock defeates Erick Rowan:  The Rock came back to WWE to reveal that the WrestleMania had broken earlier records of the show and figured attendance of 101, 763. Rock challenged Bray Wyatt for a fight after The Rock was confronted by him.  The Rock was then attacked by Wyatt after he delivered a Rock Bottom, but the surprise entry of John Cena to help his former WrestleMania rival The Rock shocked Wyatt and defeated him.

Charlotte wins WWE Women’s Championship: Charlotte won the interesting triple-threat for the new Women’s Championship and defeated Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks.

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Brock Lesnar takes over Dean Ambrose: The fight between Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose saw Lesnar using kendo sticks, fire extinguisher and chairs to smash him in the fight.

The Usos defeats The Dudley Boyz:  The Dudley Boyz was beaten by The Usos before they could land a double splash through a pair of tables.

Team Total Divas wins over Team B.A.D & Blonde: In the Kick-Off show of WrestleMania the girls of Team Total which included Paige, Eva Marie, Natalya, Alicia Foxx and Brie Belle together took over Team B.A.D. & blonde and defeated Naomi, Emma, Tamina, Lana and Summer Rae.

Kalisto retains the Unites States Championship: The US Champion Kalisto held on to his title after beating Ryback on the pre-show.

Beside these victories, The League of Nations took over New Day, Chris Jericho defeated AJ Styles, Zack Ryder wins the Intercontinental Championship Seven-Man Ladder Match and Baron Corbyn won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Let’s Look on some tweet while WrestleMania

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