What is jeggings Jeans & Best Ways to Wear Jeggings Smartly

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Jeggings for women
The J word is a favourite among the ladies. And there are legitimate reasons for that. You can easily bend, stretch, sit and jump without making obvious your camel toe or attracting attention towards your butts.

What is the difference between Jeggings & Leggings

Jeggings are technically not jeans neither leggings. Imitating skinny jeans and became popular in 2009. They are usually made from denim/spandex blend. Some of them feature an elastic waistband and fake pockets while others have front fastening facilities.


Skinny & Stretching Jeggings Jeans for Women

Skinny & Stretching Jeggings Jeans for Women

From Where to buy latest Jeggings ?

You can always browse jeggings online to view the latest collection. From branded jeggings to trendy and off the walls, you can always browse amazing jeggings online to find what you are looking for. Besides, jeggings online is best when it comes and beating the crowds and yes, you can shop from the comfort of your couch.

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Sometimes a fashion trend may seem easy and fool proof without any possibility of going wrong but then one should always know how to style it best if they want to receive compliments. This applies even to the most basic of wardrobe staple i.e. our beloved jeans. Hence, one must be cautious when it comes to the tricky jeggings.

Jegging Outfits for women

You can always style dashing jeggings in a number of styles and fashion. Here we spell out the rules to help you style your jeggings in the best way possible

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How to wear Jeggings like a style icon, Women read our use fashion tips

1. Wear it like jeggings aka like actual pants
Though both leggings and jeggings look like sisters, it is wrong to wear your jeggings like a legging. When looking to buy jeggings always go for something leaning more on the jeans side. Make sure that the fabric has some weight. Also, take care that your panty line is not visible. Also, if you are wearing it like pants it is always good to take care of few things such as it is high waisted, there are pockets and the fabric is thick. Otherwise it is always better to wear them with longer tops or tunics.

2. Balance is the keyword
Jeggings usually give you a slim and defined silhouette. Hence, when wearing a jeggings it is always good to balance the sleekness of the bottom with a flowy and unstructured top.

3. It’s time to go shoe crazy
It is always important to buy the right type of shoes when wearing jeggings. Flats, ankle length boots as well as heels look good with jeggings. You can also pair your jeggings with thigh high boots during winters.

4. Jeggings and your body shape
It is very important to know your body type when you are sporting a jeggings for instance if you are slim and lean you can go for short tops and perfectly wear your jeggings like pants. You can also create the illusion of curves by pairing it with a long and billowy top. However, if you are on the bulky side it is always advised to opt for longer tops.

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Must share your views in comments on Jeggings & Leggings, How you are using these cloths as a fashion accessories to become stylish Diva.


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