IPL “Intense pulsed light” or Laser Treatement for Hair Removal

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IPL stands for “intense pulsed light” and it refers to a branch of skincare treatments that use “cool light” to treat skin conditions, including unwanted hair. Laser devices, on the other hand, use completely different types of light, which happen to also give off a lot of heat. Nevertheless, both can be effective ways of removing unwanted & excessive hair that you don’t want on your body.

 Laser Hair Removal Treatment source pinterest

Laser Hair Removal Treatment source pinterest

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The Convenience of Both Hair Removal Treatment Methods

One of the reasons to have either IPL or laser treatment for hair removal is that either method can conveniently remove hair from almost any part of your body. You won’t have to spend hours shaving or waxing. You can just take a quick trip to the clinic and usually have the treatment completed in under an hour. Also, lasers and IPL machines are convenient because they can treat unwanted hair on your back or in other areas that are difficult for you to see or reach.


Laser Treatment is Almost  Accurate to Remove Unwanted & Excessive Hair

When you shave or wax at home, there’s a bit of room for human error. You can often miss strands of hair here and there, leading to embarrassing or annoying situations later on. Clinical IPL and laser machines don’t have that problem, especially the lasers. A laser can be specially calibrated to target every single hair in the selected treatment area.

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All it takes is the slightest bit of hair poking through your skin for a  laser hair removal machine to do its job. The hairs that you can see don’t even have to be that long. That means that you can shave your hairs at home within a week or so of having your laser treatment and it shouldn’t impact the results you get from the machine.

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Pain During Treatment Shouldn’t be an Issue

If you are concerned about laser or light treatments for removing hair being painful, don’t be. The very first step of the process is numbing the area that is being treated. You shouldn’t feel anything worse than a little bit of warmth and possibly a minor zapping or snapping sensation on your skin as the laser passes over it.

How the Repeated Laser Treatments Save Time

You probably already know that laser treatments are generally done in a series of appointments. You may also have heard that having a new series of appointments at a later date may be necessary in order to maintain the hair-free look. So, how is that really a time saver? Well, consider the fact that you may be able to go weeks or months between treatments after your initial series. On the other hand, you probably have to shave or wax one or more times per week. It’s obvious that you’ll be saving a lot of time in the long run by having clinical treatments.

Not Everyone Can Have These Treatments

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Just be sure to keep in mind that these types of treatments are not suitable for every individual. Those with certain skin colors, types, or conditions may need to avoid laser treatments. To figure out if you fall in that category, simply talk to someone at your local skincare clinic. They deal with patients every single day and can easily tell you if you are a good candidate for the laser hair removal process.

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