Top 18 Games that Made our Childhood Awesome

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Remember the time when there was no play stations, X boxes and Nintendos and kids in those days used to play totally interesting games. If you are a 90’s born or before that, you’ll remember these epic games which were a part of our childhood.

  1. Pitthoo: One of the most played game by kids in India. It can be played by any number of persons which are then divided into two teams. A small stack of marbles or stones and a tennis ball. Hitting those flat pieces of stones with a ball and then hiding between parked cards dodging the ball and then denying it to hit you.

Childhood Games - pithoo

2) Name, Place, Animal and Thing: A delightful mental gymnastics in which a random alphabet is selected and you’ve to write down a name, place, animal and an object that begins from that letter. Points for whosoever finishes it first and gets most of them correct.

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3) Tip Tap: An interesting game in which that person wins whose foot ends up over the other’s foot.

4) Raja Mantri Chor Sipahi: Another popular chit game. If you pick Raja chit, you automatically get 1000 points, if Mantri chit you get 800 points. Person picking Sipahi chit would have one guess to find who the Chor is. If he guesses correct, then 500 points to him and 0 to Chor ans if he guesses wrong, then vice-versa.

raja-mantri chor sipahi

5) Chidiya Udd: Remember this game in which everyone keeps their index finger in the centre and all players in turns call out names of things or creatures that fly, suffixed with word fly (udd). The players respond each time by lifting their finger from ground. The player who lifts the finger on name of object that cannot fly is out.

6) Marbles (Kancha): It is another very popular game among kids. The game is played with round glass marbles and the motive is to collect as much marbles as possible by shooting and striking one marbel with others.

Kancha marble games

7) Tic Tac Toe: It is paper pencil game for two players, X and O, who takes turns marking the spaces in a 3X3 grid. Player, who succeeds in placing three of their marks horizontally, vertically or diagonally, wins.

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tic tac toe games

8) Antakshri: A classic game that every Indian would have played sometime in their life. The player of one team has to sing a song beginning from the last Hindi letter of the song sung by previous team. The team or person that cannot come up with a song with the right consonant gets eliminated.

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9) Dumb Charades: This is a word guessing game in which one person explains only with actions to his team, the name of movie given to him. It is always fun to watch as well as to participate in it.

British sign language letter A

10) Pakdam Pakdai: We all remember running around like the neighbourhood has caught fire just to escape the ‘denner’.

gilli danda games

11) Gilli Danda: The game is played with a small piece of wood tapered on both sides known as ‘Gilli’ and a large piece of wood that is used to strike the gilli known as ‘Danda’. The movie of game is to get the gilli as far away from home base as possible.

12) WWF Trump Cards: This was the only way to live out WWF fantasies and not get hurt. The closest we could come to feel like The Rock or The Undertaker. The person to win all the cards from his opponents win.

wwe trump card game

13) Vish-Amrit: One of the players runs after other and gives them ‘Vish’ and the person stays there until the teammates come to give him ‘Amrit’. The game continues until all players have been given ‘vish’ and nobody is left to give ‘amrit’.

14) Kho-Kho: It is a proper game of 12 players. Team are required to chase down and tag the players of the opposite team to win this game. The chasing team send out nine players onto field and they sit in a straight line with alternate players facing opposite sides, chasers have to make sure that they catch the runners before 9 minutes per inning.

kho kho games

15) Posham Pa: Two people stand with their hands locked together above their heads and sing a song. The other players pass from under that bridge and the one who gets caught in the cage of hands at the end of the song is out.

posham pa game

16) Maram Pitti: It is an English version of dodge-ball and much like it. No rules and you’ve to just hit anybody with the ball and duck when they throw at you. The kid who has own the ball decides  gets the first turn.

Dodgeball game

17) Lattoo:  Lattoo or spinning top is popular game that involves spinning a wooden lattu which has grooves in it lover half and a nail at the bottom to spin on. A cotton string is wrapped around the grooves on lover half and deploying it makes it spin.

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latoo games

18) Kite Flying – Kites flying is popular in many parts of world. Also some festival that involve flying of kites. Some tournament also organised for kite flying in many part of country. Best thing you do not get bored and you can play at any age.

kite flying game

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