‘Spice Up’ the cup of Green Tea: Your body’s natural detox

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The benefits of green tea are not hidden from anyone. It is great antioxidant and act as a natural detox for your body. Drinking it is always refreshing and gives you a soothing experience.

Green Tea is more than just green liquid. It is loaded with bioactive compounds that have many beneficial effects for your health. According to a recent survey, it has been highlighted that people have more stable energy and being more productive after drinking green tea, compared to coffee. It is known to have fat burning properties and improving physical performance thus lowering the risk of cancer and other diseases.

green tea

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However, drinking the routine green tea can become sometimes monotonous. How about adding some flavours into it and also more goodness?

Read below to know the tricky methods how to prepare it.

The Milky Way: How about adding milk who said that milk cannot be added in your green tea. The trick is to add only 5-10ml rather than adding a large quantity of it.  It should be noted that adding large amount of milk in your tea as it can lower the antioxidant value. Also adding a few drops of honey in place of sugar will add wonders to your waste.

Cinnamon and Cardamom: The perfect combination to be teamed with green tea. It will not only spice up but also gives you a tangy flavour to your tea. This combination is perfect for winters as it boos immunity against cold and flu and an excellent laxative for constipated stomach.

Vanilla Tea: Add some shredded almonds and nuts with vanilla extract to your tea. Vanilla will provide a contrasting flavour also contains Vitamin E. Almonds and nuts will provide energy to your body.

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Green Tea “3P” Fruit Juice: Green Tea gets help from 3 high powered fruits. All the 3 fruit start with letter “P” so it is easy to remember this tasty beverage. The blended mixture of Pineapple, Pear and Pappaya mixed in your tea will give you a tea will give you a Vitamin c rich drink keeping your immune system strong.

Green Tea Frappe: Ever imagined having a Green Tea Frappe just like a coffee Frappe you enjoy at a coffee shop. You just need green matcha powder, 1 cup coconut milk and some ice cubes and Frappe is ready.

Green Tea Smoothie: Green tea can be teamed up with yogurt an apple to make a smoothie. The apple will put nutrition will also add some sweetness to the mix.

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Purple Pomegranate: Ever heard of pomegranate to your tea. It will not only add a colourful look to the tea but will taste delicious increasing your metabolism.

Do try these flavoured beverages and give a new definition to your regular Green Tea and become a master chef among your friends.

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