Selenium Pioneer Automation Testing Tool, Tutorial & Features

In this selenium tutorial you will learn top features of this software automation testing tool. Selenium webdriver is most popular testing tool among software companies.

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With the infusion of new technologies in the software industry, software testing has become a vital part to maintain the quality of the software. Software testing can be done either manually or using automated testing tools. But repeating the steps manually are very costly and time consuming. Automated test can repeated again and again with no additional cost and requires less time.

selenium testing tool

What is Selenium Testing tool, Tutorial & Quick comparison with QTP

Selenium Testing Tool & its Features

Selenium is one of the top most tools for performing automated testing. It is an open source tool for testing web applications across different browsers and operating systems. Selenium itself consists of four basic tools

  1. Selenium IDE – a Firefox plugin that allows testers to record and play their testing steps. It works only with Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. Selenium RC – Test tool which helps you to write web application UI test in many programming languages (Java, Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP or .Net).This selenium testing tool is not flexible across different browsers which leads to the discontinuation of tool. Selenium RC requires a special server to run test cases.
  3. Selenium WebDriver – This is a successor to selenium RC which don’t require a special server to execute test cases. WebDriver uses a browser driver which sends commands to the browser and retrieve desired results.
  4. Selenium Grid – This software testing tool which allows user to run parallel test across different browser and different machines simultaneously.

Why Selenium is different than its cousin QTP

SeleniumQuick Test Professional
Open source toolCostly commercial tool
Supports only web based applicationsSupports both web and desktop applications
Testers can run its script across different browsersTesters can run its script on Firefox, IE and chrome only
Supports multiple operating systemsWorks only with Windows
Supports testing of mobile devicesSupports testing of mobile devices with the help of third party tool
Can execute parallel test with the use of Selenium gridAfter integration with QC, allows QTP to execute test cases in parallel.
No default report generation with in the toolNo default report generation with in the tool
Script development takes timeUser friendly interface which allows user to generate scripts faster.

In above comparison table of features of Selenium & Quick Test professional (QTP) selenium has few web based features & freedom to work on all operating systems makes best software testing tool of the current time among software industry. Many features are very similar to QTP but open source feature of this tool make first choice of software testing companies instead of QTP tool.

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We have decided to write in-depth tutorials of Selenium testing tool because when we searched on web there is not complete & right information exists in these selenium tutorials. Selenium is one of the most hottest automation tool in software industry for testing. Yes, there is variety of testing tools are available but Selenium made his top position in industry from his special features which is very friendly for testing professionals who test software for bugs day & night to improve the quality of software.

How you liked this review of selenium tool vs Quick Test Professional must mention in below comments because this will encourage us to write more & add in our upcoming tutorials on selenium. We are waiting for your valuable feedback.

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