Samsung Galaxy S6 Review, Price, All Features, Specifications

The revolutionary Samsung Galaxy S6 review is discussed in this article along with its features, specifications, price in India and the best places to buy Samsung S6 online.

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This era saw a new dawn of power loaded technology when the most hyper intelligent features and some envious performance markers were packed in one designer phone, Samsung Galaxy S6. This phone not just elevated some sagging shoulders but is also a complete redesign; miles ahead from the S4 & S5. Well, this time, a mammoth brand like Samsung surely didn’t mess up with S6 and came up with a phone that you would always consider preferring over HTC or may be an iPhone6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Features at Glance:

TYPE                                      :           Phone

MODEL                                 :           SM-G920

MANUFACTURER              :           Samsung

DIMENSIONS                      :           143.4 x 70.5 x 6.8 mm

WEIGHT                                :           138 g

BATTERY SIZE                    :           2550 mAh

SCREEN SIZE                      :           5.1 in


SCREEN                                 :           2560 x 1440 pixels (576 ppi)

FRONT CAMERA                :           5 megapixels

REAR CAMERA                   :           16 megapixels

FLASHLIGHT                       :           LED

ANDROID VERSION          :           5.0.2 – Lollipop

USER INTERFACE              :           TouchWiz

RAM                                        :           3 GB

INTERNAL STORAGE        :           32 GG, 64 GB & 128 GB

REMOVABLE STORAGE   :           Not available

CHIPSET                                :           Samsung Exynos 7420

NUMBER OF CORES          :           8

MAX. CLOCK SPEED         :           2.1 GHz

CONNECTIVITY                  :           HSPA, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 4.1


Design Review

Samsung Galaxy S6 design is much better, a breather for many! An amazing combination of glossy beautiful metal (matte aluminium alloy frame) and Gorilla glass4, S6 is very well packaged with no hints of creak on pressing. So with Samsung Galaxy S6’s elegant metallic body, say good bye to the age-old utilitarian plastic body. With a thickness of 6.8mm, the phone does sound a little hollow when tapped at the back, but that’s not something to bother about.


Samsung Galaxy s6 review phone

Beautiful Front & Back side of Samsung Galaxy S6 phone


Samsung also removed its two staples with this bold design – the battery is locked in for a unibody design and the microSD slot has been removed to increase its performance and speed (that’s something S4 & S5 struggled with upon consistent use).

Talking about its silhouette, Samsung S6 boasts a regular pill shape with rounded bottoms and tops and a sleek but straighter side. You will find the power button and nano-SIM card slot on its right side while the left spine features the regular volume rocker with up and down buttons. Find microUSB charging port and the headset jack on the bottom of the phone for user convenience.

There is a metal ringed home button in centre that joins the two capacitive keys on either sides for navigating through recent visited apps and moving back. You can double tap on the home button to launch camera even while the phone is locked. A revolutionary finger print unlock sensor has been introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S6 design that allows you to just place your finger on the screen and you’re sorted (no more putting in the password or swiping the pattern locks).

There is a huge 16-megapixel camera at the back and LED flash with the heart rate monitor. At front, IR blaster rolls out infrared for chaps who love to use their phone as a TV remote.

Minus: Overall with such praiseworthy features, S6 does lack a few essential ones like not being waterproof like S5. With camera protruding a bit at the back, it may not be liked by many. Also, the phone’s glass surface may become home for your smudging effects and fingerprints.

How Samsung Galaxy S6 feels in hand?

Samsung S6 feels much sleeker, fluid and thin in hand – a breather when compared to the chubbier and chunkier S5. However, S6 at 5.1 inches is easier to grip in hands without a case while comparing it to iPhone6 at 4.7 inches. The dimensions are 5.6×2.8×0.27 inches while the feather light Samsung Galaxy S6 weight is just 138 grams, nearly 4.9 ounces.

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Featuring the best in the market, Samsung Galaxy S6 has an AMOLED display with an enviable resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, with a whooping density of 577 pixels per inch (ppi). Its graphics are razor sharp and one can notice and appreciate its display and resolution prowess with naked eyes while streaming videos, zooming in text or HD wallpaper without squinting.

Now coming to the most inevitable question – Is it worth it compared to the other biggies in the market? Place S6 side by side with an iPhone6, Note Edge and Sony Experia Z3; Samsung Galaxy S6 inarguable impresses the viewers with its crisp and sharp display while joined by Note Edge as close second. S6 is a hands-down winner in display section with its flawlessness.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera & Video

S6 features a 16-megapixel camera at the back, slightly protruding out. S6 and S6 Edge have been powered with optical image stabilisation feature to help even out the shaky hand shots. The auto HDR (High Dynamic Range) means one doesn’t have to wait to adjust or improve the perfect image quality while taking shots as it automatically does the same. The white balance too gets adjusted on its own without interfering on it manually.


HD camera quality of Samsung S6 with high end resoultion

HD camera quality of Samsung S6 with high end resoultion

Now take improved and crispier selfies in low light with a wide angle with Samsung Galaxy S6’s 5-megapixel front camera. Just tap the sensor on its back to have a perfect selfie or take a self-portrait, just by downloading the Samsung shooting mode, from its rear camera.

Find default 1080p HD filming resolution in your Samsung Galaxy S6 while you can trade up to get 2560x1440p with 60fps frame rate. Not enough? Go even higher with 3840x2160p, the ultra-HD resolution (also called as UHD). It sports an excellent video capturing quality with impeccable sound pickup. It can brilliantly catch the background TV noise, your own voice or even a third person’s voice from distance.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Software

Samsung Glalaxy S6 runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop while lending heavily on Google’s material design instead of the Touchwiz interface. On an Android framework, the layout is quite simpler.

The S6 set-up process is quite fluid like with toned down volumes and in built tutorials to turn on essential features like fingerprint scanning and S voice. Other notable features include multi-window mode, split-screen viewing and dragging and resizing windows turning into floating bubbles.

The mainstays has some enviable features like private mode, call blocking, easy mode, DND, Direct call and Smart Stay.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Hardware

Samsung Galaxy S6 features its very own, native and patented octa-core Exynos processor that tops the initial diagnostic tests. Samsung is a well-known brand recognised for optimizing the performance benchmarks.

Talking about games and apps, S6 appears more fluid with an uninterrupted gaming experience and then it also effectively passed the loaded-with-graphics Google Earth test without any incidents.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Life

The Samsung S6’s power quotient stands huge at 2550mAh battery with an average run down life of 12.4 hrs. on a standard video loop test. Its battery life is promised to last all day with most of the standard tasks like cruising web, Yelp, checking mails, navigating through social networks or Google Maps.


Though it’s not that phone to last you the whole day while you just can’t keep your hands off it but it saves by offering quick charging or wireless charging by getting almost 70% top-up in just about an hour. Plus, there is a power-saving mode and an ultra-power saving mode for additional use.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price & Availability

The Samsung Galaxy S6 has been globally on sale starting April 10 with prices slightly varying according to the region. A sim-free, 32GB model sourced directly from Samsung will cost around $600 in UK. While back in Australia, the 32GB model costs AUS$999 and the 64GB one at AUS$1,149. The best price for Samsung Galaxy S6 in India is 50,000 INR.

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Best Sites to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 online.

Thinking of where to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 in India? Well, this brilliant tech piece is available online at best prices across many leading e-commerce sites like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay, Infibeam and The Mobile Store at a price of 49,900 INR that includes free shipping and some freebies. Do check out !

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, Samsung Galaxy S6 is the prettiest and most competitive smartphone at the moment in market lagging just a close second behind S6 Edge. The Exynos processor fares well compared to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810. Its battery life lasts much better than its other contemporaries. The image quality is rocking with both amazing indoor and outdoor shots.

This is the more “approachable” phone to lay hands on with high-performance hardware, newfound style, finger print reader, shiny metallic body, preloaded apps and camera shortcut launch without forgetting the credit feature like Samsung Pay.


Attention LG, Sony, HTC, Xiaomi and iPhone!

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