#SalmanVerdict – Are All Equal Before the Law Even Salman Khan?

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This is what I think after hearing the judgement of Salman Khan Case. A human life is worth only 5 years of sentencing! How is it possible? What would have become the punishment if a poor man had killed Salman Khan? Our judiciary system says that all are equal before the law. Where the hell we find the equality?

These are the questions from the minds of every human being (I don’t mean the animals with human shape). All the judges clearly know Salman Khan committed the crime. But there were 13 years delay in judgement. This is not the one he deserves. In my opinion he has to be given more.

What Salman Khan did to Get a 5 Years Imprisonment?

Salman Khan in custody

Is this the way your thoughts go? You may be a hardcore fan of him. There are many super hit movies of Salman Khan which gifted the producers billions of money. But a crime can’t be worn the dress of holiness, nonetheless it is done by a superstar. That is what happened here.

It happened in 2002, September 22. He was driving his Toyota Land Cruiser along the road of Hill Road Junction in Bandra. It was almost 2 in the morning at the time he reached American bakery. There were some homeless men. All of them were sleeping clueless of what’s going to happen next?

He drove over the payment causing serious injuries to the people lying there. Four people were seriously injured. But the sadness was one life had been cut off from the earth. Yes, the ever charming Star became a devil to kill a man.

Instantly he fled away from the accident spot. Actually I am not sure whether the incident can be called an accident or not. Accidents are not done with intention.


Anyway, police arrested him after getting to know what caused that cruel homicide. He was charged with IPC Section 304(II) – possibility of getting a 10 years imprisonment, sections 279, 337, 338, 427, Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949.

What do you think about the judgment now? Does he deserve more?

Why He is Guilty?

He is guilty in this incident because of many clear pieces of evidence. Defender advocate was defeated badly by the shreds of evidence and victims, presented by the prosecution.

• The chemical analysis of Salman Khan’s blood after the accident indicated a 65- gram alcohol presence in it. But he denied it continuously in the court. It was already proved. So this itself shows he did something wrong. If he had not driven the car, then what was the point behind his denial of the proven fact?

• He had a police bodyguard who once spoke against Salman Khan named Ravindra Patil. He told that the accused drunk a lot. The policeman warned him not to drink. But the arrogant film star never listened to him. Later the man changed his sentence. Maybe it was due to the constant threatening of the Salman Khan’s muscle power. Anyway, the witness (Patil was present inside the car when the incident happened) died of Tuberculosis. But Salman Khan is widely suspected behind the death of him.

• The millionaire star claimed that he wasn’t on the driver seat. But there are many victims Ravindra Patil, Ramshrey Pandey, a worker in the parking lot and many others. Everyone saw him sitting on the driver seat and getting down from there. Then how is it possible for him not to drive by sitting on the driver’s seat?

Ramshrey Pandey is the one who got injured by the brutal play of the star. He changed his mindset and altered the words. He said he saw Salman driving the car at first. But then he told that he wasn’t sure about who the driver was? What you think about this. Clearly money did a lot of work. Manpower did the rest of the work that money couldn’t do.

• Salman Khan strongly offends the argument against him of being a drunkard. Suppose the chemical analyst made a mistake. But a waiter from the bar saw that Salman Khan was sitting there with a glass of rum (exactly, Bacardi) in his hand.

• This is not the first time, Salman Khan comes under the web of law and order. Once he hunted a special type of deer. It had become a controversy.

What if the Incident would have Reversed?

Just think that a pavement dweller killed Salman Khan. What impact does it make? Clearly a huge after-effect. There will be discussions on channels and many other public performances. It will be shown as the loss of the century. Maybe he will be hanged to death.

Does Salman Khan Deserve More?

What do you think? Equality can’t be tilted with richness. It should go with all criminals. It is important to take action without looking at the face. There are many criminals with a mask of people’s love. All that should be torn.

If an ordinary man gets a hard punishment for the same crime, what is so special about Salman Khan. He might have shaken his legs for many songs, he might have hit many villains with his powerful fist, he is devoted by many people, he may be very beautiful in his 49th age. But ultimately he is a killer. He killed a man brutally with his car and fled away from the place instantly. Then he lied many a times before the court. All the crimes are proved undoubtedly.

The prosecutor requested the court to order them to submit the death certificate of Salman’s bodyguard. It shows he doubts the death is a murder or not. If he did, there is no escape for him from the court of almighty.

We can relieve on one thing. He is not judged as innocent. If it happened, the belief of one billion people on our law and order would be lost. I am glad that didn’t happen.

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  • Vaibs Vats

    you said if a common man gets a hard punishment for a crime, then why not a celebrity… right?
    but in this case… a common man would have only got a few thousand of fine to pay… and he would be off the hook forever… only thing would left was a deduction of a few thousands or laks and a criminal record against him… 83% of such cases ends like this only in our country.
    But only because salman is celeb and to set an example of him that “law is equal to everyone” he is getting the hardest of the punishment… INCREDIBLE INDIA

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