Best must have Health Apps to track your Fitness Goals

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Today’s world fast pace brings with it many distractions and less time to exercise and relax. It’s not a big deal to forget what your body needs. Luckily, the devices which sometimes cause distractions can also be used to track your fitness goals and stay healthy. The best must have health apps can help you track and improve your fitness goals. Keep reading to know more about these best must have health apps.

MyFitnessPal: Lose your weight with MyFitnessPal, the fastest and easiest calorie counter. This tracking app helps you to take the extra kilos off by tracking your diet and exercise in less than 5 minutes. You receive personalized goals based on your individual diet profile and goals. So, download this app to get active!

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Endomondo: This app makes fitness fun with its personal trainer. You get the most out of your runs, walks, rides with this top rated fitness tracker. With Endomondo, you can track all of your workouts using GPS, check your stats and reach your fitness goals.

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Google Fit- Fitness Tracking: Google-Fit offers effortlessly real-time tracking of your any activity like running, walking or cycling throughout the day. Google Fit records your speed, pace, route so that you stay motivated and on track. Reach your fitness goals and receive personal recommendations for your goals.

RunKeeper: Get more performance with RunKeeper App. It is the simplest way to improve fitness and track your fitness activities and training workouts. You can follow pre-planned routes and workouts and create your own also. RunKeeper automatically integrates with your phone’s music app making your workout enjoyable.

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Moves: Moves automatically tracks your everyday life and exercise, you just need to carry your phone in your pocket or bag. It records your daily walking, running, cycling and counts your steps so you can get simple goals.

Pedometer: Pedometer records the number of steps you’ve walked along with the number of calories that you’ve burnt, walking time and speed per hour. You just have to push the Start button and it records the activities automatically. You can also view a graph with the number of steps you’ve walked.

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[sociallocker] PFit Notes- Gym Workout Log: Fit Notes is a clean, simple workout tracker with a focus on simplicity. You can add an exercise to the workout log and record sets of weight. It automatically assigns exercises to a particular day within the routine. Fit Notes features two exercises types: Resistance which record training in weight and Cardio which record training in distance and time. [/sociallocker]

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