Emotional and Behavioral disorders Symptoms in Teenagers

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What is a behavioral disorder?

It is a situation where the person becomes loses their temper by nature or by body language. Which marks a very bad impression? This kind of disorders usually reacts in those circumstances when the person having some depression or any human consciousness.

Explain some behavioral disorder that teenagers do mostly in way of life routine.

Conversation in a non-serious manner

This disorder is the most common issue being. Especially in Adolescents who talk in an abusive or angry language with their parents or in academic institutions. It causes a significant dip in performance.

Behavioral disorders Symptoms in Teenagers

To do violence Act

Violence Act has been a burning topic in the sphere of education. Many cases related to violence have been a witness in the last decay. Students bring weapons to school which is very dangerous for others learners.

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Revenge Seeking Act

Revenge is a very real emotion and a primal desire, which is very hard to control. Revenge serves no purpose. It keeps dragging other into a deep endless pit. 

Behavioral disorder badly effects on the following things

  • Attention Diverge
  • crack relations
  • Physical illness or disabilities

Attention Diverge

Attention diverge is the common mental cause which happens due to the non-serious behavior or inability to concentrate. The problem that this symptom is the lack of seeing, where the project is going. However, the end-result might actually be useless.

Crack Relations

Sometimes behavior disorder directly affects your personal relations. It includes post-traumatic stress. In other words, they can experience a break from reality to create a reality that validates the way they feel. This is very difficult to deal with for everyone.  A person could be suffering from Paranoid Personality Disorder.
Another possibility is that the partner might have suffered childhood abuse and as a result may have intimacy issues that come out this way.

Physical illness And Disabilities

A behavioral disorder will have mostly emotional symptoms such as fever, rash or a headache. However, sometimes people suffering from a behavioral disorder will develop a substance abuse problem, which could also show physical symptoms such as burnt fingertips, shaking or bloodshot eyes.

Causes of Behavioral Disorders

Chronic Feelings of emptiness

These moments are the worst and most destructive. During these times you have found the most important thing is to remain humble with your emotion, cry if you have to, but not to blame others, to remember that these problems are your own and no one else’s. Therefore, this situation has taken you in irritable behavior.

Brain Disorders

Many brain issues showing in families. Which have faced stressful life events and aggression may lead to short-long term symptoms.

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Facing Difficulties in Academic Level

Those students, who achieve below grades than other students. Mean achievement level at the 25th percentile or drop out of school having more problems faced.


The physical expression of emotional conflict is an area that should be addressed throughout the instructional program of a student identified with emotional disturbance. Such physical, behavioral expressions can range from severely withdrawn, inactive behaviors to the more aggressive active behaviors.


Societal problems can affect student’s emotional and behavioral status. An impoverished environment including poor nutrition and a sense of frustration may lead to aggressive or be acting out behaviors


  • Has broken into building, car or house belonging to someone else
  • Frequently lies or broken rules of others
  • Has stolen valuables without confrontation.
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