Airlift Movie Review: Akshay raised the bar for himself & bollywood

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Akshay Kumar aka Khiladi of Bollywood is nailing his performance in his every movie and is touching a new height of acting within him. He has already marked his performance in action, comedy and romantic roles and now doing a great job in serious roles also. After doing 115 movies in his career he is still experimenting & accepting new challenges in roles.

After watching Airlift movie we can say proudly that We should say THANKS to Akshay Kumar & Director Raja Krishna Menon for giving India this great piece of work in bollywood.

While Akshay is a superstar who straddles many kind of roles, his patriotic films have got a lot of appreciation. Airlift makes itself capable of entering into such list.

Airlift Review : A Quick Movie Plot

Airlift is a sincere effort by Raja Krishnan Menon in bringing the story of unsung heroes in front of everyone. The movie is based on true stroy that had gone untold so far.  On August 2, 1990 when Saddam Hussain invaded Kuwait, 1, 70,000 Indians were stranded. However all of them were brought back to India safely with the help of near about 500 Air India flights over 59 days. This has been recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records. But the heroic act of contribution of Indian Government and pilots of Air India, Indian Airlines and Air force remained unpublished and got lost in the pages of history. This Movie is an appropriate reply to those Indians who keeps on asking what our Government has done for us.

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Airlift has lived up to everyone’s expectations and do not fail to impress us. Akshay has beautifully portrayed the character of a money mined business tycoon, Ranjit Katyal, who helps more than 1,70,000 Indians to be airlifted during the Kuwait Iraq war. Akshay and Nimrat’s strong performance lift up the film’s story line. Akshay even took tutorials to learn Arabic language to justify his role as a Kuwaiti.

Ranjit Katyal (Akshay Kumar) is a wealthy and powerful Indian businessman settled in Kuwait and is married to Amrita (Nimrat Kaur). He considers himself a Kuwaiti rather than an Indian. His life takes a turn when Kuwait is invaded by Iraq. A handsome happy face is suddenly stricken with panic and fear for his wife Amrita and little daughter’s safety.

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Airlift Review – Movie Plot & How Airlift Movie Progress

The slow acceptance of the situation awakes his patriotism which leads him to take the charge of helping near about 1,70,000 Indians stuck, using his political links and Ranjit becomes an unlikely  savior of those stranded Indians. Touching scenes like the interaction between Ranjit and his family with the Government officials are tightly edited to capture the pathos the situation.

Meanwhile Nimrat Kaur , who plays Akshay’s wife , disappoints a little bit. Her appearance with constantly wearing makeup, regardless of her character, makes her look superficial, just like an Indian Television Bahu.

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Airlift Review : Why you should watch Airlift Movie on this Republic Day Season

Airlift stumbles a few times as well but that can be overlooked because of its brilliant composition and powerful performances. The review of Movie Airlift is completely positive.

If you are fan of Akshay Kumar then you can’t miss his Finest acting of career which raised the standards of bollywood from his brilliant acting.

Airlift is a must watch for every Indian to feel proud that it was our own country who helped and saved those 1,70,000 Indians and brought them back safety to India.

Rating – (5) Stars *****

Cast – Akshay Kumar, Nimrat Kaur, Purab Kohli, Prakash Belwadi

Director – Raja Krishna Menon

Genre – Drama, Action, War, Thriller

* The most popular Movie website ( – Internet Movies Database) gives rating of 9.7/10

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