21 points Checklist to Save Money in India

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I just had a wish – I shop, travel, eat at finest restaurants, commute via superb cars and my savings remain intact! 
Is it too much to ask for in this money focused world?

Not really! If you plan and keep an eye on your expenses, you are sure to enjoy the luxuries and have a surplus of savings. Don’t believe me? Check out our quick tips and checklist to help you save money in India.

Generic Rules on “How to Save Money in India.”
1. Do not be an IMPULSIVE SHOPPER. Are you an impulsive buyer? Take our quiz to know
a. Do you go out for shopping because you are SAD/BORED/ANGRY/DEPRESSED/FRUSTRATED?
b. Do you SHOP because you are about to SAVE ‘X’ amount of something that is not included on your shopping list?
c. Do you get hypnotized with SALES and DISCOUNTS being offered?
d. Do you get the itchy feeling if you do not visit the online/offline stores frequently?
e. Do you love shopping just because you love that brand?
If you answered a YES to at least three questions, you are an IMPULSIVE SHOPPER! Watch your cravings!
2. Use real cash rather than plastic money like – Credits Cards or Debit Card. Most of the online platforms now have an option of CODs, make sure to opt for that.
3. SAVE on electricity bills, mobile bills, petrol bills, water bills or DTH recharges using the CASHBACK option from lafalafa.
4. Plan your monthly/yearly budget.
a. Planning for a holiday? A party at a beach or a hi-tech phone you always dreamt of? List down under your goals to be achieved and save for them exclusively
b. Estimate your monthly expenses
c. Cut out the unnecessary expenses that could be avoided
d. Set a goal on “how much to save each month” and make sure to reach that target.
e. Keep an amount in case of some emergencies
5. Do not aim for “big savings” start small. Every penny saved is a penny earned!
6. Create a shopping list and then go out for shopping.

21 points Checklist Tips to Save Money in India

Going For Shopping- Maximize Your Savings College Student, Individuals Seeking Job, Homemakers who have prioritized their life with something more important could also save and enjoy. Here’s how

1. Do not run for brand shopping; it’s okay to indulge once a while, but buying just for the sake of brand could burn deep holes in your pocket.
2. Are you passionate about something like baking, painting, cooking or any other hobby? Could it be a possibility to earn money from that? Then explore and spread your wings.
3. How about partying at home or in your room with contribution from all?
4. Opt for public transport rather than using your own vehicle.

How to Save Money in India if you are “Earning.”

Just because you are earning does not mean you do not yearn for saving! We all need to save a bit for emergencies and future. So here’s how
1. Fix your eating out, movie time, party schedule.
2. How about joining a local group of people near to your house then the yearly gym membership?
3. Plan your holiday in the budget rather than luxuries.
4. How about enjoying a movie with a rented DVD at home with family or friends and a bucket of popcorn and lots of coke?
5. Invest in your future and make sure to insure your family in case of emergencies
6. Cut out on alcohol and smoking that could save a lot!
7. Do your tax planning, invest in policies that could save your taxes
8. Visit your local market, rather than a shopping mall, try to shop for groceries on monthly basis rather than making it a weekly affair
9. Encourage kids to get active physically in your nearby park rather than loading them with Smartphone’s and tablets
10. Use loyalty cards, it’s safe and could make you save more!

Sir Henry Taylor Quotes , The art of living easily as to money is to pitch your scale of living one degree below your means

Sir Henry Taylor Quotes ,

Sir Henry Taylor said – The art of living easily as to money is to pitch your scale of living one degree below your means, and well that sums up the discussion on saving!
Did we miss any tips on money saving? Do let us know in the comments section!

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